Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ginkgo choker and earring

I cast the components to this many, many...many years ago. As is so often the case, necessity forced me to finish it when I needed a piece to wear to a semi formal wedding. Sadly, after the event, I lost one of the earrings somewhere between here and Seattle.

I made the leaves out of modeler's wax, each one is individually carved. I folded back the stem of each leaf to form bails. After casting the leaves in sterling, I attached jump rings to the bails to link the leaves together.

I used 22 gage wire on the earrings for the ear wire (special thanks to my advanced students for their help in the design of the ear wire.

I then raised the fine silver (depletion gilded) and used a plannishing brush to create a satin finish.

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