Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bead set

Here are the finished horseshoe earrings. I think the settings turned out pretty good considering this is only the second time I have done bead setting.

The first earring went fine. The top of the stone's girdle was even with the surface of the metal. I used number 52 round graver to cut burrs which would act like prongs. The graver glided through the metal easily and lifting it towards the end of the cut; brought the burr up over the stone. After cutting each burr I used a small beading tool to round them off.

The second earring was a bit of a challenge. I had not paid close enough attention to which stone went in which earring. Despite using machine cut stones, the stone that was left would not fit in the seat. Fortunately I had plenty of others and after trying several I found one that fit but it sat with the top of the girdle just a bit below the surface of the metal. Ignorently, I thought it would not be a problem. But, with the first pass with the graver; I cut the burr completely off! Evidently, the girdle acts like a dam causing the metal to pile up as the graver is being pushed. Without this dam creating resistance, it was harder to control the graver. Fortunately, I was able to recut the burr without any difficulty.

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