Friday, March 4, 2016

Test plaster #2

Today I made a quick plaster mold of the bunnies that I carved the other day. You can see under the bellies of the red and green bunnies there was a little bit of tear out; likely caused by undercuts. I'll clean the plaster out and check. I doubt I will recast it since this just a test. Rather, I'll let it cure for a few days then try pressing some clay into it. 

Here I sprayed the other test wax model with Rustolium plastic primer. I'll let it cure for on hour then spray Minwax satin Polycrylic on top. I will apply thee coats with 1/2 hour between coats. I will then let that cure for a minimum of 24 hours before applying build up wax. My hope is the Polycrylic will provide a hard barrier between the build up wax and the base wax. 

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