Thursday, August 30, 2012

Goodbye Old Friend

Sadly we had to have our pet and friend of 13 years put down this week.  Last Saturday our pet sitter called with concerns that Goober was not doing well.  Not much appetite and just laid outside the studio looking longingly at the house.  By Monday things had not progressed.  She had not eaten in 3 days and was very week.  We called our vet's office -- Antioch Animal Hospital, and they kindly agreed to go and pick her up and examine her.  She has had problems with constipation in the past an we were hoping it was just a matter of an enema.  Unfortunately, it was not that.  A blood test pointed too advanced cancer.  I asked the doctor if she was uncomfortable and he said she was just a puddle of coal.  We really wanted to be with her but it did not seem right to make her wait until we drove back.

Gooby (short for Goober), was a sweet kitty that we found on our property.  She had apparently been thrown out of a car and was very "goobered up".  Her hip was broken,her tail jetted out at 90 degrees to her body and she was very bloated from starvation.  She loved us very much and would always want to be held. She would signal that she wanted to be picked up by repeatedly whapping us on our legs with her front paws. When I was too busy to hold her she would sit on my shoulder and watch me create.  Last year when I started my production company, I named it in her honer, "Black Cat Productions" since she truly was the production supervisor of the studio. 

Goodbye Goober...we miss you.  Be at peace.

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