Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kindle, calander and carving tools

I recently bought a Kindle Fire.  Amongst a whole list of awesome things I was hoping to be able to do with it was to post to my blog.  So far, I can read a book, email, watch TV, surf the web but not blog.  Unfortunately, Amazon has not developed an app for that.  They did forward my request to their App Store so hopefully...

In the meantime, I have added a reminder to my calendar to post once a week.  Will it happen? Time will tell, but so far I missed the first week (this is the second) and next week we leave for a two month vacation.  We will be on the road for about ten days but after that I should have time to post.

Now for the fun stuff...I have submitted another article proposal for making your own wax carving tools.  Keep your eyes pealed, maybe I will even put some sneak peaks in here.

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